Anyone Want to trade heads?

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by LuckyPat, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am making a small little museum with a few members of the emc community! If anyone would want to trade heads with me, i would very much appreciate it :) If you do choose to swap heads with me, you can have my guarantee that i will never sell/trade your head to anyone. It will be in the Museum and will always be open.
    Also If you do want to trade, post i would like to trade so i can try to see whenever you are on, so we can trade them. Well thanks guys! :)
  2. *frantically trying to find a head*
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  3. Sorry, Im out D:
  4. no problem :)
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  5. Also there is a donation chest on my res if you feel like donating it!
  6. I could trade heads just need to go die a bit first!
  7. Haha alright no rush :)
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  8. Anyone else like to trade?
  9. I can ask Mad_Miner24_7 he should be happy to help!
  10. ill try and get one
  11. Yea sure that would be great guys :)
  12. lol
  13. I've got my head if you can get on at about 4.00pm (GMT) then we can trade heads, friend :)
  14. Sure ill try to, but ill set up a sign on my res with an access sign. You can drop off your head in the hoppers or in the chest thanks! :)
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