Anyone want to play tekkit with me?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by louiskw, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hi, im new to tekkit and was wondering if anyone wanted to play on a server with me.
    For all of you that don't know what tekkit is it is basically lots of minecraft mods rolled up into one

    Please PM me if you are interested :)
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  2. Dude, this is just like advertising your server...
  3. No, im asking if anyone I know wants to play tekkit with me...
  4. So that you can give them a sercer IP, which is kinda like advertising. i bet this has nothing to do with your tekkit server... /sarcasm
  5. Do u play tekkit? I really dont mind where or how we play. I just wanna play with people I know
  6. yo ill play some tekkit wit anyone just let me know:cool:
  7. Please dont bump old, useless threads!
  8. oh and how do i get to the tutorial?>
  9. I need to know
  11. Have you signed onto one of the servers before dan? Just type in this ip: and you should spawn in the tutorial. If you don't type /tutorial.
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  12. Or ;)
  13. Give the guy the experience that some of EMC's elite rich had on
  14. Maybe he wants to be with people who arent loaded with rupees?
  15. We have that as well.
  16. Are you jelly?
    /double sarcasm
  17. May a staff member please lock this useless thread?
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  18. Lol, just pm me if u wanna play.
  19. lol i don't know how?