Anyone think this will actually happen?

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  1. I was reading some random news articles and came across one about some reality TV show set on Mars. I read even more and it ends up someone is planning to send people to Mars in 2022 and then set it up as a reality TV show...

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    Do you guys think this will actually happen?
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  2. What is the world coming to (see what I did there? No me either ;)) the first thing we do when we get to mars is to make.....a reality TV show? Because exploring, excavating and researching is so not important. Seriously though, this would be MTV's top show xD
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  3. Probably just some dramatic thing their trying to get people to watch.
  4. Lol maybe.
  5. I just barely missed the application... danit...
    It's probably not so much a "reality" TV show, more of a documentary.
  6. Dangerous, but still. It seems interesting. It might be real, it might not. It would be cool though...
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  7. Previously, we had planned on a moon base in 2022.
  8. I recall that the director for the project of sending people to Mars said that they don't want to have that, as most reality shows encourage arguments, and the last thing they need is something damaging the unity/teamwork in what will likely be one of the most historically significant periods in human history.
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  9. There was the mars rover they sent to mars to explore and excavate, I dunno why they would make some of the first humans to step on mars be part of a reality TV show :I But No, I don't think this will end up happening. And if it does, like jake said, it would be MTV's top show :p
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  10. Or it could just be a documentary...
  11. Bumps!

    Also, just to say. Something like this is more likely to happen than a NASA mission to Mars. Mainly due to the Health and Safety stuff, and cost cutting.

    But, as you guys have said, making it a reality TV show is a horrible idea, and if something breaks up the team, we might not see a mission to Mars for 100 years... Also, how they're selecting people, is having people submit applications and stuff. I honestly think they should pick people with a proper background in science, people who, by going, would benefit us...