Anyone playing Tekkit?

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  1. So, I recently started play Tekkit and it seems awesome, but completely confuses me...

    Now I ask you; Is there any Tekkit Group here on EMC?
    If there is any, I would love to join you!
    I know that Jeanzl2000 (Spelled it wrong, didn't I?) had one, but it seems to be gone.
  2. Jeanzl's isn't gone. Empik is actually very active in our PM and it's 24/7.
  3. add me to the pm im dev on the server
  4. Hmmm...
    Haha kidding:p
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  5. atm i cant connect to the server, is it just me or is jeanzl doing an update?
  6. I think so.
  7. it seems to be going down alot more than usual.
  8. The fact that it is a laptop could explain that.
  9. Realy? how do you run a server of a laptop, that answers all my questions!
  10. Hey is this server you guys are talking about white-listed? I play tekkit every now and then and would love to play with some other Empire Minecraftians! Could you add me to the PM please :D
  11. Yup. He might be having to use the laptop now, in a mobile setting. From what i have seen though, it isnt lacking in power!
  12. Some laptops are far more powerful than other desktops :p
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  13. Is this tekkit server stil running?
  14. Holy mother of bump!
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  15. holy mother of care? :p