Anyone play star trek online?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Leowaste, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. So, as many know, i am moving on from EMC. I have a large stock pile of rupees and nothing to do with them(dont adk or beg for anything, it will never happen). I have started messing around with STO tho. Ive never really played a big mmorpg so not sure if i like it yet, but its free and i didnt have to but the game first so why not try it out...

    The STO currency primarly is energy. I was looking for anyone here with a federation character with some extra energy laying around that may want rupees more then energy. Maybe a trade of goods?

  2. if you leave i will get on sto and find you and blow you up
  3. I haven't tryed STO yet, I might consider it. Its sad to see you go Leo, you will be missed. :)
  4. i tried it and it was not very fun but i agree with dogsrnice i will log back in and blow you up for betraying EMC
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  5. darn it can't find cool star trek battle scenes
  6. Lol well i wont be in pvp for a while
  7. thats all right because the game play is clunky and the graphics are horrid
  8. I played it for awhile it was fun in all but it kinda faded away lost interest in it.
  9. So u have some energy u dont want anymore? Or do those go away after a cert amount of time
  10. If you give me all your rupees you'll have given me all your rupees. Like my logic? :) Jk Hope you can find joy again in another community.
  11. Leo, can you explain more of, this STO, you speak of? It sounds intresting.
  12. Is trading empire currency for another currency allowed? :/
  13. Just google sto an u will find it. Free to DL and play.

    And as for trading currency, im not selling it to allow players to get around donating, im just exchanging game joy
  14. And if it does turn out to be wrong, it wont be the first EMC rule made brought to you by Leo :p
  15. Don't see anything wrong about that, you can just say its a gift for that member. Also leo sorry for replying to your Q, I have forgotten my username and etc. sorry if I could I would help you out.