Anyone Miss...

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  1. Nightmare32808? Tell me how you felt when you found out he griefed.
  2. I didnt care... at all...
  3. I thought he was always decent. I was shocked.
  4. What i think is this thread is not neccessary...
  5. Just trying to see how people felt is all. No need to be hostile. I was genuinely bemused when I read/ he told me what he did.
  6. oo Yea is he the member proved that the mods/admins had records of players dropping lava, flint lock usages and etc had them by laving his outpost setting stuff on fire in the wild to prove it:confused: . Which most of us already knew they had it already:eek:
  7. I really didnt nitice any change :p
  8. Honestly I don't even know the guy...
  9. ditto.jpg
  10. Yea that was him. He had been here for 200+ days. It's just a shame he did it, especially because he supported for about 4 months.
  11. nope. didnt know him.
    psh. ive been here for 250 days+!
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