Anyone knows a good Bukkit residence management plugin?

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  1. Extra problem to Justin:Is your plugins fully custom coded,or just based on plugins that can be found on Bukkit Dev?
  2. The Empire Residence plugin was based off of "Residence". I try to contribute bug fixes and things back to that project when I have the time. However I have changed so much in Empire Residence that its barely recognizable. Some of the things unique to the Empire one is the addressing system, resetting lots, the claim system, the automatically generated Town system, the [access] signs, protection of animals in a res, etc.
  3. How do you link up the MC accounts with the forum?
  4. That is also something custom I did. It uses the same authentication method the game uses.
  5. A few more questions:
    1.Is the new rupees system based on iConomy?
    2.How do you link up the iConomy balance in the old rupees system?
  6. The new rupees system is not based off of anything. I wrote it from scratch to address what I saw were areas other economy plugins were lacking in. We were using iConomy before this and migrating was as a small script that took balances from one database and put them in another.
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  7. These plugins you use / base the stuff off of, are they free plugins anyone can use or are they purchase software? Are you planning on selling your modifications you've made or are you going to start up your own system of software to others for free or not at all?

    Looks to me that you have a pretty nice package deal here, a forum connection along with in-game purchasing makes for a pretty decent set of plugins. Might be a place to start for getting extra income to sell the package. Not that you probably need it at this point since clearly your job at game show network is paying well. :)
  8. Now,I think that you should learn java first before you start a server.
  9. Could be an option for the future...renting out "Empire Package" servers. :p
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  10. I honestly think people would pay. Obviously we need to keep spreading the word about The Empire. Keep voting people!
  11. You Sir are epic! I was wondering how you changed all the many many many balances over :)
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