anyone know what's causing lagging?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kukusnoukkis, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. During last day or two smp1 has been very laggy. You know.. blocks reverting, everyone spamming the chat about lag and finally moderator restarting the server.

    Is there any idea what's causing that? Is the player limit too high, or this something more complex?

    I've been playing the whole weekend and everything's been fine. The lagging started during Monday, I guess.
  2. The amount of variables that go into lag are numerous. To name a few: server CPU overloaded, server disk IO maxed out, server doesn't have enough ram, client to server network issues (bad connection), client is running something in the background or has some other pc issue, you or someone you are close to has a ton of animals, somewhere close to you is a ton of dropped items (usually from auto farms), somewhere close to you is a lot of fast changing red stone circuits (like a bunch of quick timers, large piston timers, etc), rain, snow, a ton of tnt going off, etc. Of course it could be a combination of these things, MC as a game or server is not that stable and does have issues from time to time, such an issue occurred this evening and I restarted it :)