Anyone know of a good IDE for PHP, Java and C/C++

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  1. Firstly, if you don't know what an IDE is, don't reply.

    Anyways, I'm in need of a good IDE. I've been using Eclipse for ages, but I'm beginning to get sick of it, it's laggy, buggy and doesn't work half the time.

    At the moment, I'm doing all of my programming on like, four different IDE's(Xcode, two versions of eclipse and another for PHP). But I want to take it down to two(Xcode and another). If anyone knows of a good IDE that has PHP(HTML, CSS and JS useful too), Java and C/C++ support, you're awesome. I don't really care whether it costs anything or not, but I will discourage things that are super expensive.

    EDIT: It has to have Mac support :p

    Thanks :D
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  2. I like Netbeans. It's similar to eclipse, why not give it a shot?

    And you don't really *need* an IDE for HTML or CSS...for example you could use notepad++ or other editor.
  3. Gah, forgot to mention that it has to have Mac support(yes I know, everything should have Mac support these days) :p
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  4. Netbeans is available on Mac.

    If you were interested in Notepad++, here are some alternatives.
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  5. I got around to attempting an install of netbeans, but it requires Java 7, which doesn't allow minecraft to work on Mac OS 10.9...

    So, if anyone knows of any others IDEs that I could use, that'd be great. I'm still going to try and fix this problem with Java though :/
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  6. You can install an older version of netbeans that uses Java 6.

    You should also be able to choose which version of Java Minecraft uses, so you could have both and specify 1.6.
  7. I, like others, would strongly recommend NetBeans. It compiles code as you're typing (like Eclipse), which is incredibly helpful. The only downfall is that it doesn't have spellcheck (at least in version 7.1.3) :p
  8. Well, I'll be the first to recommend something else =P

    IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition - This thing is a beast of an IDE. I would say Community edition as it's free, but I do not believe it supports the plugins for other languages such as PHP... But you can give it a shot, it might!

    But if you can spare the 200$ or so for Ultimate (Or it may be on sale), it's worth the buy. This thing has so many tools to help you be more effecient, and also to help you identify bad or suspicious code. It's seems to identify so much more than Netbeans for bad looking code, and the power it has in Refactoring is superb.

    The code completion is amazing and super smart, which is pretty much one of the biggest things that will help you with efficiently writing code.

    Also, the application is just designed very well from a resource point of view. the UI is very responsive even during indexing, which is where most other IDE's seem to struggle.

    It also has great integration with development tools such as issue trackers (YouTrack), build servers (TeamCity at least), and Git.

    I can open an issue, itll auto mark as in progress, do the work, commit with a prefilled out commit message that includes TeamCity/YouTrack instructions, push and then see the result of the automatic build of the commit all within the IDE.

    Productivity is amazing with IDEA. Especially when you properly start using keyboard shortcuts. I rarely expand/navigate the class tree, I just Control/(Shift) + N type part of a file name and done.
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  9. For C/C++ I know that Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate supports that. And you can get the Microsoft Web Design Studio (I think its called that) for HTML & PHP it also supports .NET Framework and .ASP :)
  10. XCode is what you want on Mac for C or C++. It's software made by Apple and is free from the App Store.

    PHP doesn't need to be compiled and can be edited using any text editor.

    As for Java I use Eclipse Indigo but I hear Netbeans is good too.
  11. Yeah, I think you need to break C/C++ off from the rest. Many of the IDE's work great for most languages, but C/C++ are their own beast with a different tailored UI.

    So for Mac my recommendation would be Xcode (which is a requirement to compile on Mac anyways) for C++ and IDEA for Java/PHP/Web
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  12. Ok, thanks guys. I've been looking at PHPStorm which was made by the same people as IDEA, and it looks really good.
  13. IDEA Ultimate with PHP extension pretty much gives you PhpStorm, IDEA is meant to be "pay once, get everything", where as phpstorm is cheaper when your just doing web only.
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  14. Ok, now that sounds really useful...
  15. Started using the IDEA Community Edition today, works amazingly well. Took me 10 minutes to move all of my Eclipse projects over to it.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions, really appreciate it. :)

    EDIT: My only complaint is the size of the scroll bar(my scroll wheel is broken) :p
  16. My friend mason uses that one i think