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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nerone94, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I am geeking out on these teleporters. I wont even lie. so im thinking of ideas for cool things. Like a random prize room. Set up a room where every tile is a tp with a different prize at the end. Have someone pick a tile, lay down that pressure plate and they get the prize at the end. Good idea? Yes? no? Anyone intersted in trying one?
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  2. Yea sounds like awesome idea, This game make me think of the chest game in ocarina of time in Castle town but no Eye of Truth :(
  3. What up!? Best idea eva!! :D
  4. I was thinking you could make a skydiving game.
    Tall tower to jump from (might not even need the tower just TP into the sky).
    A set of targets to aim for made from alternating rings of stone and wooden pressure plates.
    Hitting the centre plate tps you to a prize room.
    Hitting the inner ring tps you back to top of tower for another try.
    Hitting the outer ring tps you to the exit.
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  5. i love the idea! i wanna play!
  6. The only issue here is tht we have to go almost to the sky limit in order to beat the cooldown. Very doable though. I like it! Time to collect red and white wool!
  7. Pity you don't conserve momentum and TPs directional you could have some Portal inspired shenanigans.
  8. I yelled at justin for this. He promised teleporting minecart in exchange.
  9. Would detector rails work with RTS?
    I might need to investigate.
  10. Not yet they don't. But they will.
  11. Nerone, you should really let me in on your ideas. I would like to help. xP
  12. You're implied to be part of any of my shennagins shady.
  13. You're darn right. :D
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  14. You yelled at Justin!?
    Shame on you..... :p
  15. Well, he refused to let us build loops of teleporters. He had it coming.
  16. You were spared...... ;)
  17. This is a great idea. Lots of potential. Good Luck.
  18. I want to help