Anyone having problem logging in?

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  1. Logging in to what?
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  3. Do you mean having a problem logging in to a server?
  4. Always happens on my weekends/holidays :/

    Yes he does.
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  5. Thanks chicken
  6. Minecraft.Net Is down
  7. I actually do have a problem. My problem is that I cant log on and when ever I try it says

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  8. Yes, we established this. Mojang's Multiplayer Servers are down. For who knows how long... All you can do is wait
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  9. Why are they down now anyway? what are they doing to make the servers go down like that?
  10. How long will it take
  11. No one knows. Could be 10 more minutes.... or several Hours
  12. It's usually never more than 2 hours though.
  13. Is it fixed yet
  14. Encountered the same problem. Thanks to chickeneer i didn't post "WTF RAGE!!!!" like some people will probably do...

    And it's not my fault that it shut down.

    (LoL reference: DOTD1997 shut down MoJang online (+366 gold) )
  15. check the link from the third post. if everything is green, it's fixed.

    (hint: as of now, it's not)
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