Anyone have MCEdit?

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Have MCEdit?

YEs 9 vote(s) 56.3%
No 6 vote(s) 37.5%
What? 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. Anyone have MCEdit?
  2. erm, yes?

    The point of this thread exactly?
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  3. To see if any people have created special items! Edit-Also to see them too. YOUR SIG IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!! LOL!
  4. Well, seeing as you asked, using a combination of In Game NBT Edit and MCEdit, I can easily create stuff like:
    2013-08-14_17.25.08.png 2013-08-14_17.25.38.png 2013-08-14_17.27.59.png
  5. You can create pixel art with a tools call MCStructurePlanner
    From something that is to too expensive to be built on EMC (The source pic used to genreate the 1st pixel art is not mine, I just borrowed it to do a demo)

    To a copy of this forum:
  6. How do I install this Derp ;P
  7. Sadly, I did lose the save file due to rolling back my PC recently, but I can work on a better world :)
  8. OK :)
    A friend showed me how to, but i forgot to. :(
  9. I mad SOOOOO Many!
    2013-08-16_16.38.23.png 2013-08-16_16.38.25.png 2013-08-16_16.38.27.png 2013-08-16_16.38.29.png 2013-08-16_16.38.31.png 2013-08-16_16.38.32.png 2013-08-16_16.38.36.png 2013-08-16_16.38.38.png 2013-08-16_16.38.40.png 2013-08-16_16.38.42.png 2013-08-16_16.38.43.png 2013-08-16_16.38.45.png 2013-08-16_16.38.47.png 2013-08-16_16.38.50.png 2013-08-16_16.38.53.png 2013-08-16_16.38.55.png 2013-08-16_16.38.56.png 2013-08-16_16.38.58.png 2013-08-16_16.38.59.png 2013-08-16_16.39.01.png
    Edit-BTW, this is just some of them.
  10. I can only add 20 things per upload. so i will get more in another upload!
  11. Mind putting that into a spoiler?
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  12. I don't know how to. :(

    Edit-Could you show me how?
  13. surround it with [`spoiler] and [`/spoiler] without the `. like this:
    how do you use the addatributes filter?
  14. sidenote: don't give a sword looting 100 or above and use it - it causes so many entities or variables within the clicking or killing of an animal - it can crash the server or client.
  15. Ohboy... /gamerule doMobLoot false PROVEN WRONG! Still though... Wow...
  16. Wow Ethy. Next time Oh Maw Gawd. Spoiler please :p