Anyone have an Incitatus donkey out there?

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  1. I noticed the wiki says a few Incitatus donkeys spawned. Anyone got one? Maybe they'd part with it? Even if you want to keep it, I'm just curious if anyone has one. A screenshot anyone? It'd be cool to see one.
  2. People do have them, yes. I remember a couple of people that had them but I think that they both sold them on to other people... Surprisingly, I don't know any of the current owners of them, but good luck in finding them :)
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  3. Thanks for the response! I wonder if anyone will think about selling, and at what price. Screenshot anyone? We'll keep this thread useful haha.
  4. Funny enough I was shown one today. He wasn't selling it though. (I asked :p)
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  5. That's cool. I haven't even seen one. I thought it'd be cool for it to wander around bulk shop like jeb does haha. Maybe I should have my othere animal promo's wander around.
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  8. I have bred some donkeys not quite as fast as Inciticus but pretty close.. And to think I started with a pair of base stat donkeys.. (70.0/30.0/20.0, or something like that..).. xD ..The fastest that I have yet bred from this stock is 117, which is a pretty darn fast donkey, not going into Inciticus stock.. xD
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  9. I'm struggling to know which one is which because both have been inactive and both have been hoarders at some point xD One of them is my cousin and I know he sold a lot of stuff in a shop one time but I'm not sure if he still has it or not... Either way, both could have sold them, but the purpose of linking them was to show off the screenshot, not to show off who had them because the time stamps obviously show you that they aren't recent or anything.
  10. I was not referring to your cousin as inactive :p
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  12. Yep :). It's how our society works.
  13. He hasn't been playing that much so I guess he is kind of inactive :p
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  14. Ya boi haro got a hold of one
  15. More details needed! :p
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  16. It costed 7 figures
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  17. Oh my 0_0 That's some juicy detail, though I'm going to assume that you're not going to tell me any more than that :p Paid in rupees?
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  18. You know me :p of course it wasn't rupees XD
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  19. Good point >_> But I still don't assume you're going to tell me any more than that... Thanks for telling us that you have one though :p
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  20. What else is there to know? I'll answer questions lol.