Anyone have a large stock of diamonds?

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  1. Any server.
  2. Me not, I need it to, but why do you want to know this?
  3. I need some diamonds bro,
    atleast 2.
  4. Just two? Or two stacks?
  5. 2
    just 2 not 2 stacks.
    I need to make a enchanting table
  6. so why ask if people have larges stocks of diamonds? tons of ppl sell single diamonds that dont have large stocks.

    if ur on smp2, v 3456 on the black floor
  7. ...
    Your right ._.
  8. Please do not post this kind of stuff in the forums, it is spamming it.... :)
  9. K sorry as you can see im new here.
    Sorry ;)
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  10. Many new people do this kind of things, but please readnthe rules and stuff. :D
  11. Im in need of diamonds!
  12. How many?
  13. A stack please
  14. Don't got THAT... But I think I will go mine soon. For my own :p
  15. 12534 on smp6.
    I've got 9 stacks of diamonds in stock :)
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  16. Woops...
  17. Anyone have 163 diamonds for sale? Paying 7,355r for all. 45r per diamond.
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  18. Never mind. I bought out Daffy.
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  19. 4 double chests FULL of Diamonds SMP1 1783 GOGOGO!!!
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  20. How did you get so many?
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