Anyone good with water?

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  1. I have a hige area in my res that needs filled with water! Anyone willing to help me for free? (I would pay you buy im poor)
  2. Fill in two sides of it, and most of the area should fill up on its own:)
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  3. Opposite sides?
  4. Well, you can wait for 1.5 lol.
    With the water source block mechanics, filling in a area of water more than one block deep is now much easier, as they don't require blocks underneath for a source block to be created.
  5. I dont wanna waitt. Lol
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  6. lol, I guessed as much.
    But how deep is this area? One block, or more?
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  7. very deep. Come to 1558 on smp1
  8. Make an infine source block, then use that.
  9. Lol i dont think you guys get how big this is. Ill put a picture up hold on
  10. I come and have a look, not saying I'll do it though.
  11. 2013-01-22_21.20.39.png This is the full size
  12. Place ice blocks. Put redstone lamps around, and turn them on. Melt the ice. Move redstone lamps. Repeat:)
  13. lol i think i might of found a simpler (and less expensive) way to do it :p
  14. hmmm, what I would recommend (And this is my tactic that I use) is this;
    Seeing as at the moment you can only place on the outside and close to the ship, what I would do is fill the top layer of it with dirt. Then, slowly remove a block of dirt at a time and fill it with water.
    It would be slow and steady work, but it would guarantee that the all of the top layer is filled, giving the impression that's it completely full with water.
  15. Ik what to do, you need to put a layer of dirt so it will be one block deep. Then fill that area in completely with water, (make sure there are no currents. Then destroy the layer of dirt and it will all flow down filling up the space completely with no currents
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  16. Put dirt one layer below where you want the water to be and then just get twi buckets of water and take the rest from there
  17. My method is quicker and takes way less effort, plus u create infinite water quickly when u place down the water giving you lots of water to work with.
  18. Great minds think alike then :)
  19. Your method is not how I would do it though. Urs would take longer and u would get infinite water
  20. Our methods were exactly the same.
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