Anyone else remember this?

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    Its YouareMinecraft, and a few months ago, 8K Minecraft players got together to build skins, including me and other EMCers. It also got me into build skins out of blocks, but I have forgotten the dimensions of model used, so if anyone knows, please tell me. Just wanted to know if anyone else remembers this.
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  2. So, a Minecraft guy is 4 pixels thick, his body arms and legs are each 12 blocks tall. Arms and legs are 4x4 pixels. His body is 8 blocks wide, and the head is an 8x8. Also, I was on YouAreMinecraft too. It only closed down because it ran out of money.
  3. I remember this! It was soooo fun :D
  4. Wow, was it that long ago...
  5. It was going around school ages ago.... Before I got minecaft :(
  6. What do you mean "School ages ago"?. It wasnt even a year since the server closed.
  7. i thought this was gonna be about mrtiny and craspcraft :confused:
  8. Yes... This was fun.
    I was holding a bow and wearing a quiver :)
  9. I was holding a egg.
  10. -_-

    Too bad when this was being held, I didn't play on servers because an admin said some racist things towards me... EMC had an attractive website, and my friend introduced me to it. It was much better than the other servers I had been on, and then I went on to become an admin on 10 servers, and about 2 months later I stepped down on all of them.

    I am now site staff on 1 of them and a map dev on another...
    Don't even quote me on that. It's off-topic...