Anyone else noticed?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DangerousPopcorn, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. The last week we have been getting alot more people on the server, i was wondering if anyone else noticed?
  2. Yes I have on smp5
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  3. I have. I think the derelicts will be more often now.
  4. You mean like a new member every 100 lines in the chat!? Yes! I think on the forums I says we have updated with fireworks and people wanted a updated server.
  5. One of the reasons is likely voting.
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  6. Christmas vacation?
    1. We have 6 weeks off now in Australia
    2. Christmas time
    3. Voting perks
    4. Voting contest
    It's great :D
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  7. I can assure you looking at database statistics our numbers are going up....

    looking at about at least 500 new people in past month alone
  8. Only 6 weeks? Here in argentina we have 3 months and a week
  9. but we got vacations :p
  10. I meant 3 months and a week of vacations. Ah and 3 weeks in july
  11. Anyway, is good this to emc
  12. Well Yes because right now is your summer break and in july it will be your winter break
  13. Yeah just like that
  14. Well,In sweden we got alot of snow blocking our doors.
    Also, We only have 2 1/2 weeks vacation :/