Anyone can make me a signature?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Jakres, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. After finishing my project on LLO, i thought why not have signature on my posts?
    I will pay 2.5k to the person who makes me a signature.

    I altleast want to have my name (Jakres) on it and a background. The background can be anything, jungle, forest, a city or something else.

    Anyone can make me a signature?
    P.S I'm heading to sleep now.
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  2. Quite has a signature thread if you want to post there

  3. That's my best attempt, hope you like it. Not that great though.
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  4. I can make you give me sometime because I'm about to sleep
  5. Not doing them anymore.
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  6. This is rather confusing. "Anyone can make me a signature?". It should be Can anyone make me a signature?
  7. I understood it perfectly.

    Like a handful of people on EMC, English isn't his first language. He's from Estonia where their primary language is Estonian.
  8. Here's one I made. It's not as good as the other one, but it's the best I could do in 5 minutes.
  9. Hey Jakres I'll have a play around!
  10. Would it be ok to have this on it...
    (Middle large)Jakres
    (bellow smaller) The Yeti King
  11. I understood it fine to i was just saying that the grammar was wrong and if i knew that he was from Estonia and he might not know English perfectly i definitely wouldn't have said that.
  12. Jakreslogo.png
    I can change it as much as you want!
  13. I didn't mean for my post to come across as rude. I was just letting you know.
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  14. ----->JAKRES<--------

    Here is the best sig EVER.
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  15. And i was also kind of sleepy by the time i posted this thread.

    Looks good! Now do wait until nfell2009 finishes his signature and then decide which one's best for me.
  16. Amazing.
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  17. I feel like I just got schooled... :)
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  18. Thank you for all of your nice comments. :)
  19. I will do it, pm me
  20. My attempt: I think I need to resize it...