Anyone buying diamonds?

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  1. I have recently been sold a ton of diamonds, 8 stacks to be exact. If anyone would like to purchase in small quantities please stop off at 4005 SMP2. Otherwise, please leave a bulk :SELL sign on your res for 49r/diamond (we can negotiate) and I will happily sell them to you. :)
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  2. well, my chest is open for 47r lol
  3. Yeah I sold 1.5 stacks already :p Would you like more?
  4. You should of made them into diamond blocks and make something perty
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  5. But that's like 25k down the drain ;)
  6. Just so you know 25k is more than i make a year, And emc isnt even a year old yet :p
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  7. Did you see my post alex?
  8. Nup?
  9. Oh its on your profile I think
  10. I've set up a shop next to the spawn at 19002 SMP9 to buy a stack at a time for 45r a diamond (so 2880r a stack).
    There's room in it for 3 stacks, if you have 3 left to get rid of?
  11. Nah sorry, I'm going 47r min.
  12. Fair enough, worth a try :p
  13. Can you do 46r for 4 stacks?
  14. Somebody's beaten you to it sorry, I left the chest up buying for 45r, and somebody's sold me the 3 stacks.

    Sorry about that, I probably would've gone for the 46r for 4 stacks offer if not for that.
  15. I've got a buy chest for 45 I think. If you're interested, come to my res on smp1
  16. I can get everything set up to buy them for free 8D
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  17. 46r and you have a deal? :3
  18. give me 15 mins. You'll have a special room set up for you at my res (201 I think)
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  19. It's there :)

    I'll be on Utopia if you have any questions/it's not working/etc
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  20. ... /r -> 1.5k left :p