Anyone Buy Diamonds In Bulk?

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  1. Im Wondering If Anyone buys Diamonds In Bulk....Pm Me or Comment If Your Interested
  2. I have a chest buying at 40r each
  3. What is your price per stack?
  4. 1783 buy's diamonds, in bulk we pay 35r each (bulk means over 1000)
  5. Buying diamonds at 4004 SMP2 :)
  6. There Is No Need To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word Like This.
    If you need to sell diamonds though, go to AlexChance on smp2 4005.
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  7. Buying diamonds for 40r at smp9, 19000.
  8. merf I forgot i took down my sell sign for my diamonds. Just pm me I willl buy each diamond for 35r and i can buy a couple stacks. ( 5- 10 )
  9. Lol Im used to doing that....sorry
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  10. I couldn't seem to find your sell this the right res?
  11. See you guys will think I am crazy....but I am looking to sell them for 43r because at my store I bought them for 42r and I want to make a 1r profit.....trying to make some money
  12. Sorry, 4005 ;) Much less then 43r though.
  13. Yeah I see that....43r is high but I want to try to get my money back...I remember back in the day diamonds were average priced around 50r
  14. Ahah yeah, and before that diamonds were around 35r ;)
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  15. Aye. In them days, we'd a' been glad to have the price of a cup o' tea. A cup of COLD tea. Without milk or sugar. OR tea!

    (For those who think I've gone mad, see Four Yorkshiremen)

    Still buying diamonds @40r at SMP9 19000.
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