Anyone an NFL fan?

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  1. Anyone else like the NFL? If so, what do you think of the (my) Denver Broncos signing Peyton Manning and then trading Tim Tebow to the Jets?

    On Manning, I think if he is healthy, and that is a big if, the Broncos got a great QB who can take them to that next level and get them back to a Super Bowl. They have a really good young O-line that can protect him and would probably get better if Manning's buddy Jeff Saturday takes the center spot. The running game is solid with Willis McGahee and will be better when they draft a thumper to spell him. They also have a good young D, and if they can add a little defensive back help and a dominant pocket pushing DT, they're going to be scary good. I'd still like them sign a veteran QB in case Manning gets hurt, and then go out and draft a young QB to develop behind them. I think it is a good move if Manning is even 90% of what he once was.
    If he isn't healthy, or gets hurt this year, well...then they just flushed 95 million bucks down the toilet, or at least the 18 million that is guaranteed. They'll go through this year, part with him after the season and honestly probably go all in next year when Drew Brees walks away from the Saints and all their issues.

    As far as Tebow, he never had the support of the franchise once McDaniels was gone. I think Tebow can be in the mold of Vick, and eventually adapt his game to a more professional style. I like Tebow, and will say that Mark Sanchez from the Jets had better show up to play. He'll either wilt from the constant attention Tebow gets, similar to how Orton finally broke down here in Denver, or he will show up and shine and Tebow will be a "wildcat" type guy for them.

    Already an interesting offseason. Who else is ready for some football?!?

  2. Well,I think the Colts should'nt have cut Peyton because you don't know how good RG3 or Andrew Luck is.That's why you keep your star and let the rookie play one game in the season to see how good he is ,so you can either keep the rookie or keep the star.
  3. CHARGERS ~~
  4. Oh no, not another Chargers fan! My in-laws are fans, as is my wife. Ugh...
  6. I think that Denver Broncos made the right call getting rid of the flop-bow effect - he obviously couldn't cut it when it was mostly needed in the last season and no matter how much PR you get as a player - at the end of the day, all that mattes is HOW you play.