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  1. I live in the wild with 3 other players who semi frequently get on. I spend spend most of my spare cobble on my res in town, over countless wild treks my residence in Empire Minecraft Server 2 is slowly becoming a huge success. Future plans to put a shop in again to make some side rupees and promote my res. I'm not trying to sound like a big shot, there are much better residences. But if anybody wants to take the time to traverse my res, head on over to SMP2 and /v 4367!

    Hope whoever reads this enjoys it, i made it for you guys to enjoy :D
    (The pictures I took don't do it justice, I'm no photographer..)


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  2. You're not a sounding like a big shot at all.
    If you have a great, you should show it to the community :)
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  3. Thank you! I aim to please.
  4. Man, thats awesome. It looks so good that I could even say its finished already.
  5. Thumbs up!
  6. :D Much appreciated, updated content on the res will be updated soon!
  7. Wish I could have half the res you got :p
  8. I'm always willing to help when I'm online! Give me a shout if I'm in town and I'll stop by. :D
  9. Amazing... I remember doing a job for you once :p awesome res. it's huge.