Anybody interested in..

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  1. Building a railway to connect distant towns/places people live in the wilderness? (After the reset) to help those of us who travel far out get there a little faster?
  2. It's a good idea, but it would get griefed, no question.
  3. I would hope the mods would help keep an eye on something like this to cut down on that.
  4. They can't be online 24/7. They do all they can, and sure, the report feature makes it easier for them to catch griefers, but I'm positive this would get griefed. People would steal the rails and set them up in their shop.
  5. Most wild communities hide their locations. A connecting railway could only rightly be called The Griefer Express.
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  7. I think it's hawt.
  8. It wouldn't be to any open community. It would simply extend a certain direction a certain distance, to give people a boost out there.
  9. noble idea. unfortunately the bad will of some people will ruin it.
  10. i would say make secret railways deep in the nether to get from one town to another, its harder to grief them if you are too busy with ghasts to look for em.
  11. make it underground also do not mkae them powered use gravity to advangte