Any way to transfer residences?

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  1. I was wondering if I could transfer all (or at least, most) of my items to a different lot than the one I am at.

    I would like to move, because I am planning on making a massive, epic tree and the leaves look horrible and die in the biome I'm in. :)
  2. If your items won't fit in your inventory and vault, you have to get someone to store the items for you until you unclaim your res and claim a new one. (When you unclaim a res everything on it is removed.)
  3. Sorry, I'm a total noob to the Empire Minecraft servers, how do I get a vault?
  4. NEVERMIND! /vault. :D thanks for your help.
  5. No /purchase vault
  6. Yeah it changed a while back /purchase vault still works but it is /vault now :)
  7. /vault works too, I just did it.
  8. Will all of your items fit in your vault and inventory?
  9. Ohhh ok ;)
  10. It looks like it, all of the stuff I really need anyways. Thanks!
  11. One way to transfer residences easily is to take everyones move flag away from them ( /res set move false ) then destroy all the chests on your residence so the drops spill out ( since no one has move they wont be able to grab the drops as they will be teleported out ) , then type /unclaim, than go and claim your new residence and quickly place some chests down on your new res and grab all the drops and store them in your new chests.

    this may be risky!
    but it is a way to do it, maybe ask a well trusted friend to help

    ...remember to give everyones move back with ( /res set move true )
  12. As soon as you unclaim you get move again.
  13. I don't think you can reset and unclaim in the same day, I'm sure there is a 24 hour period
  14. I think I saw somebody advertising moving services as well. Not sure if they were serious.
  15. I think it is more like a 1 hour wait, if I am not mistaken.
  16. It is a 1 hour time period.
  17. XD Wow that would be helpful to free players.
  18. oh kk, before it was 24 hours
  19. A lot of things use to be and were changed. Such as us once having the wild as free for all pretty much. Glad it changed. I love the wild except for the live map. :(
  20. hmm that may be a problem