Any veteran players?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Thejoker1177, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anybody still plays that have played for about a year. I have come back from about a year of inactivity and was just wondering if there is anyone left.

    About 2 more months until this forum account is 1 year old :D

    I also posted this in the intro thread.
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  2. You made the same thread twice.
  3. I just didn't know where to post this. I also said that in the last line of the thread :p
  4. Today I turned 323 EMC days old......thats only like 42 days away from being one EMC year old.
  5. You're old Grandpa
  6. Quite a few of the Staff members could be considered "veteran players" if you go to It lists them in order of How long they have been here. Some of which may or may not have been Moderators while you still played EMC, a little less than a year ago
  7. I joined for 245 days ago
  8. I joined 244 days ago, but i had many months of inactivity .
  9. I joined 272 Days Ago.
  10. I joined 40ish days ago... I fell so young!
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  11. I joined when miguel joined I believe
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  12. Yes, yes u did. :)
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  13. I know that AUSQB is still reasonably active (pretty sure he counts as veteran) and I've been here for about half a year ;)
  14. I joined around 250 days ago I think. Back when there was only SMP1 and 2, and Utopia.
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  15. If I was to be a mod i'd be inbetween Maxarias and Aikar. I'm older than Maxarias but i'm slightly younger than Aikar in EMC days :p
    Edit: I'm 7 months on EMC in a few days.
  16. I joined 320 days ago so I guess Im sort of a veteran player since I havent had any looong breaks from EMC :)
  17. It lists us in order of join date based on our rank. Shaunwhite1982 joined October 26, 2011 but GameKribJim joined August 4, 2011. ;)
    Also, I joined October 29, 2011 and was promoted to Moderator shortly after that. :)
  18. I beat you here >: D 260 days :D
  19. Ive only been gone when my family have gone of vacation so not much :p