Any use spotify?

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  1. So as i have learned from today spotify have changed there rules and made spotify absolutely terrible! (for anyone who does not know what spotify is, its music streaming software) You can now only listen to 10 hours of music a month and listen to the same track 5 times a month! I for one am probably not going to use it anymore, as it is now completely useless. I listen to music while playing minecraft to keep me entertained. I think this is a terrible move from spotify, i did not mind listen to ads every once in a while but this is a step to far? So anyone that uses spotify what do you think?
    Edit-Whoops title was supposed to be 'anyone use spotify?' if a mod sees this please change it!
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  2. Pandora is your friend.
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  3. I do sometimes, but its costy so I use YouTube etc
  4. I thought youtube would be more costly than spotify, well thats the way it works on my PC anyway!
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