Any Server-Wild Stronghold

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  1. I am wanting to buy a stronghold cord preferably on smp9 plz reply to this i have thread watched to see any posted plz also make it under 1000r i will also trade 2 spawners for the cords of the stronghold

    i have the spawners cords of a skeleton/cave spider spawner they have to be together they are side buy side
    or i also have a spider and zombie spawner
  2. U can't buy 1 for yourself. It's the community to share. For example , in smp4, everyone knew where the end was and few of us, including me, built an enderman grinder for the community. Then of course, all of them got griefed. Now, almost no one goes the the end.
  3. oh i was just asking for the cords um do you know where the cords are then becuase i realy realy want to go to the end then
  4. I really don't understand the way of the co-ords, I just know how to get there off by heart, but my friend DRAGON14194 flooded the end.
  5. Use ender pearls.

    Kill enderman in wild
    Find and set up a blaze grinder
  6. i sourouly am not good at that i will loose them to easlily ive tried bringing like 2 16 stacts of eye of enders and lost them all :(
  7. hmmm... I know the SMP8 coords, if you want those.
  8. for smp4, go to the wild, go east. The first snow biome on the path. There should be a little dirt doorway type thing going down into a cave, follow the stairs all the way down then to the left at bottom. There's the portal.
  9. thx so mutch