Any server: Need lapis blocks!

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  1. I need in total about 20 stacks of lapis block, so I can't afford to pay too much, i'm hoping between 640r to 800r a stack. There's a shop buying lapis on both my residences on smp1 (1968 and 1124), or you can sell to me in bulk in person. Thanks :)

    Btw: The lapis will be put where the dirt is atm in what will be my new building at 1124.

    EDIT: IT'S FINISHED AT LAST! :D (so i don't need any more :p )
  2. Ill got lapis for sale currently at 20r each, but i might be lowered to 15r each (Blocks)
    Update your self at plot 8956 at SMP4
  3. thanks! I've bought all of yours :)
    i still need more though if anybody else has any?
  4. Dont worry, ill restock them tomorrow :)
  5. I have 7 i will make a shop chest for you 17r each at my res on smp1
  6. Smp2, 3664. Its sold as Blue Dye. Dont sell the blocks but u can put them together
  7. ok great thanks :)
  8. my friend has some at my shop at 844 on smp1 for 20r i think.
  9. ok, great thanks, i'll have a look