Any news on /vault?

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  1. So if you guys didn't know, currently if you vault written books it wipes the signature and writing in it. Is there any news on fixing this bug/problem/glitch?
  2. I actually have no idea. I might contact ICC or Aikar about it, i'm curious myself.
  3. Or you could just wait for them to respond.
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  4. I don't know if they'll fix it, makes book sales harder. My multiserver delivery process might be too slow for some people.
  5. I doubt it. Fixing this would likely require a full rewrite of the /vault code and more server resources.
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  6. Oh that sucks :(
  7. It isn't just the vault either. If you sell books in a playershop they will also be erased, so i would suggest making a backup of all books created.

    Whether this can be repaired or not is unknown, but someone from the development team will know for sure. :)
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  8. :) Thanks