Any Music Producers?

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  1. I'm not entirely sure if there are that many music producers here, but I guess I'll find out.

    I'm making this thread for anyone who makes music, and they want to post it here for all to listen to! Even if you don't make music (Electronic, Playing instruments, Singing) go ahead and give some feedback! I'd love to see what other people can do.

    Do you make music, but are not sure where to upload it so you can share it? I suggest Soundcloud! Then go ahead and post a link of your track here! You can also use YouTube if you upload your song within a video.

    I'll start this off then.

    I made this track recently, and it's still a work in progress.

    You can listen to all of my other tracks on my profiles.

    So go ahead, and post! I'm sure I am not the only one. :)
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  2. watch this space... as I am uploading some of my stuff to soundcloud.. which before now I have never used...
  3. What do you guys use to make these?!
  4. life o.o

    Nah, i use a barrage of programs.. But mainly I have found FL Studio (kinda pricey tho) to be really useful, if you load it down with hundreds of VSTi's (again prices jump out here) but music is a thing for me. For every "finished" song I post.. there is probably 40 unfinished ones or projects where I was trying something new I learned.
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  5. Wow. Well I must say, these are all awesome! What would you guys say to having some your stuff put into a video game project my friend and I are doing? :p
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  6. I sing and just started to make electro house music in logic pro :
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  7. Dude Im totally down with anything that can generate publicity.. I could even make some custom stuff for you if you could give some guidance on like genre of the game, and what kind of music you would like to be played. Because I know I just tear through all sorts of genres :p
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  8. I love the projection of the lyrics up on the wall on your Sunday Morning cover :)

    Well, thus far we have played around with a program called RPG maker to see if we can actually make a good game, and so far we have the proven to ourselves that we can make a fairly compelling game (at least on the story line basis). But I recently found a program called blender that I am going to be trying to learn once I get a computer that doesn't get turned into a shiny doorstop by it :p We plan on making an RPG with it, but don't have any specifics laid out for it yet. We plan on discussing it when I get home from college here next week.

    Now here is the AWESOME part. Blender can make things like this. I am taking a C# programming class next semester (with Jordan actually :p ). Using C# I could code the game we make in blender into C#, and burn it to a disk and it SHOULD be playable on the Xbox 360 :p (at least I hope so).
  9. thanks alot mate :)
  10. I love blender :3 I looked at video game design myself as a career track but chose military instead for some reason xD
  11. BAHA I looked at video game design too, but I went the Chemical Engineering path ;)
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  12. Awesome stuff! I'll be following your SoundCloud! :D

    Oh certainly! I could make anything custom if you ever need me.

    Here is a soundtrack I made for a friend already. He was making a Temple styled puzzle game.

    I also play the piano, as this song expresses. :p

    This video was some improvisation I've done a while ago. I might post some new piano playing soon. I've only been playing for 2 years and play by ear. Not sure what kind of progress you would consider this. :)

    You've got a good singing voice! Great stuff coming from you.
  13. I used to use Cakewalk Home Studio quite a bit. Now that I'm mostly on Ubuntu, I use a lot of open source software for a home studio. I haven't recorded much lately, though. I have a few songs that are all MIDI (except vocals) as well as some with standard instruments (except percussion since I don't play).
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  14. just uploaded more tracks that i found hanging around my computer in old folders.. :)