1. Ill do any jobs (within reason) for a good pay, im willing to come onto any of the smp's too, just leave a comment on this thread :D
  2. Do you do supplying? I need lots of stuff but I dont like getting it myself so can I hire you to get it? SMP4
  3. I'll hire you I need 16 double chests of light grey wool, and 8 double chests of glass. How much would you wanna be paid?
  4. You can have a Mine Job. I'll buy ALL the diamonds you get. SMP9 18267.
  5. Not that sort of job, sorry I should have been more specific, I mean like a plot job :)
  6. Well. I need help deciding how to build a ski lodge..
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  7. I wanna!! I wanna!! :D
  8. i need someone to build me a shop will pay very very good
  9. Come onto smp2.. xD
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