Any idea how to fix this?

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  1. My brother's (starpuncher) laptop (it was my mum's. It's 4 years old) is now a brick. There's no operating system on it and it won't turn on. And because i'm the eldest I get the blame. I had no idea what my dad was talking about until he explained what happened.

    Any idea how to fix it? I do have a cmd OS for use when there's no operating system on a computer (Coded from the ground up, but it's just numbers and you have to type in numbers) but it doesn't work on vista and as I said the laptop doesn't even turn on.
  2. Sorry Mate.
    Im a fool with computers :D
  3. Hmm... that's weird. I would try popping out the hard drive and connect it to another computer if possible. But from what I can tell, you might have to get a new one.
  4. I could try popping out the HDD and buy a new one. But they're expensive :(

    Edit: Infact I just found a 2TB one for £70 and the current HDD in that laptop is £250 and only has 1TB on it :p
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  5. Not sure, try smashing it with a hammer?:p
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  6. Did someone fall for the "delete system32" trick? xD
  7. So it's not turning on as in when you power on the computer the bios doesn't even load? If the bios loads and you either have your boot disk or a downloaded copy of Ubuntu then you're more or less safe.
  8. Pickaxe.
  9. first of. BIOS should ALWAYS load theres only 2 exceptions

    1. Hardware failure.
    2. A virus managed to get into the bios and ruine your motherbored(mainbored w/e)

    you could also check if its not just a broken grahpics card, just look if the cpu fan is spinning up as most modern cpu-fans are controlled by the motherbored and if the motherbored can controll the cpu-fan the bios is loaded wich means you can do a live boot as descripbed below.

    and when bios loads did you try booting from a usb or from a cd if you didint i would sugjest loading a linux varient(ubuntu personal pref) or BARTPE and formating the whole harddrive with that tool and then trying reinstalling windows.

    Never wrilly seen a os that runs on directly on number input but you could try typing in these numbers
    (String) : echo "hello"
    (hex) : 6563686f202268656c6c6f22
    (ascii) : 101 99 104 111 32 34 104 101 108 108 111 34
    (binairy) : 01100101 01100011 01101000 01101111 00100000 00100010 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100010

    what it should do is say "hello" to you. and thats basicly all i could think off :p

    Sorry for my bad english (dyslectic) and dutch :p

    Greetings from davi
  10. When you say it doesn't turn on, do you mean that absolutely nothing happens, no lights turn on, no beeps, no fan, no monitor?
    Or do you mean it switches on but just doesn't boot to an OS?
  11. Try ubuntu and boot from USB. Fairly easy. I hope this helps :-D
  12. If it s a laptop and its not booting you have a few options, try this, remove the battery then plug in the charger see if you get any lights or fans then, if you do it indicates the battery is busted and is causing a short.

    (I buy broken laptops from ebay fix then resell this is very common)
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  13. What type of laptop is it?

    Some laptops such as dell come with a way to restore them even if they dont turn on fully
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  14. What i did to my laptop a few years back was that I accidentally blew the motherboard, I accidentally put the charger into it half-way inside. this caused it to short circuit and the whole thing cocked up. you can tell if you have done this by picking up the laptop, pressing and holding the power button while listening to the underneath closely of the laptop. If you hear a constant ticking or clicking sound, you've messed up the motherboard.