Any good free Mac games?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SpaceShuttleFan, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Due to the outrageous amount of time that the login server has been down, I'm looking for some good free Mac games. The only one I've tried is Team Fortess 2 and I hated it. Anything else is fair game. (pun not intended)

    P.S. If you mention "going outside" or "studying" or something like that, you will be reported. I already do that. ;)
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  2. Not a game but if you play minecraft through your browser then it skips the login server
  3. Free is hard to find for mac, but more and more cheap indie games are becoming compatible with mac.
  4. The pirate bay
  5. Were not allowed to openly talk about piracy on the forums. Just saying.
  6. Ok dear all mods...THAT WAS A JOKE. I love amazon and buying things
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  7. O rly nao well I like eBay XD
  8. I get a white screen doing that. :/
  9. Team Fortress 2!
  10. I could go into the reasons why I hate that, but I'd be banned at the end of the day.
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  11. notdoppler is a good website for when your bored. WARNING: might get bored...
  12. Toribash, Team Fortress 2, Realm of The Mad God, the old Marathon series (from the guys who made Halo), and whatevers on Armor Games these days.
  13. If you like mmorpg's, try spiral knights, its on steam.
  14. Spore is pretty cheap, u could get that? It's pretty fun for just sitting down and grinding through. I finished it in a day.
  15. Have you ever tried:
  17. Portal Mario? I used to play it.
  18. Realm of the Mad God
    Iron Grip: Marauders
    Puzzle Pirates
    Spiral Knights

    All free to play on Steam.
  19. Try Battlefield Heroes
  20. i have a mac and there bearly and games for it compared to pc