Any doctor who fans?

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    I dont know what it is so
  2. I've found:

    To be one. I sometimes watch it but not much because I forget xD Although I have it recorded on my Sky+ box in my room so I could watch it soon...
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  3. ignoramoose :p
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  4. Oh and battmeghs I think loves Doctor Who too. And batman, always be batman :)
  5. i've never watched one single episode of it, honestly. lmfao
  6. It's basically about the one surviving time lord who uses an old police box as a time machine and he goes back in time and fights monsters that are always conveniently ready to attack when he's there. He also has an assistant(s) usually. Oh, and he has an issue with guns, he never uses them. :p
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  7. Oh god xD
  8. so, if he's a monster slayer person thingy, why the hell is he called 'doctor' ?

    i don't usually watch tv shows, as i forget when they are on. lol
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  9. At first, I thought you were asking for a doctor who "fans" (I thought to be some unheard of medical procedure XD). Then I read the replies and it's about Doctor Who. I've never watched it before, but I've heard it's good.
  10. Don't forget that he regenerates.

    I guess the same reason his enemy is "The Master"? I don't know either xD
  11. I'm a fan... by far my favorite show.