Any Doctor Who Fans Out There?

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  1. How many Who-ians are out there? If so whats your favorite charactor.
    Mines mickey!
  2. Absofreakinlutely! <3 Doctor Who.

    Gotta say though, my favorite character thus far was Donna Nobles, though I'm fond of Amy Pond.
  3. Donna Nobles is so awesome! So is Amy Pond!
    Glad to have found somebody who likes Doctor Who! ;)
  4. The TV show or the movie?
  5. If the old TV show here is a quote I like:

    Linx: We're sworn enemies, Doctor. Why should you help me?
    Dr. Who: Because I want something from you. If you will let me de-hypnotise the people and send them home, and help me capture Irongron and his men, then I will assist you in the repairs to your spaceship. The weapons you've made for Irongron you can leave here in the castle. When it's empty, you can take-off, destroying castle and weapons at the same time. Alright, Commander Linx, what do you say?
    Linx: You wish for my answer, Doctor?
    Dr. Who: I do.
    Linx: Then here it is.
    [shoots the Doctor]
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  6. I love Dr Who But not as much as my sister xD