Any Chances? Also, thanks for removing my Res EMC

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  1. Any Chances of My Rapture Remake becoming a town of sorts? In a new server?
    Its in Single Player, since in Multiplayer I couldnt have infinite resources.

    And I would like to thank the person who removed my res from SMP2 yet Ive seen people who havent been erased and come on in a Blue Moon. So Thanks.

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  2. a) Your title is confusing or at least doesnt say what this is about
    b) having to farm urself is the basic idea of EMP
    c) the res reset is automatically done after a fixed rule, if you do not login in for 10 days your res is gone, without further actions (and even then it might be gone) -> How you shoudl know about it? Well as soon as you claimed your res you got a huge message that this will happen

    Why this post is not in a written in a friendly way? Your post contains complaints against our mods and admins, who really REALLY work their bud off to make all this possible. But you can't even login once all 10 days and start complaining ...
  3. What does EMP mean?
  4. EMP = EMPire (as a collective name for our servers)
  5. Oh Well EMC= Empire Minecraft WINNING!:p
  6. Well yeah yours is more common. You get this one ;)
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  7. Lol
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  8. My mind autocorrected EMP->EMC. At least THAT autocorrect works properly. HA!

    But yes, there's also the Derelict Policy section of the Empire Guide that details it, and provides instructions for circumventing the reclamation process if you'll be gone for longer periods of time.
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  9. I am sorry your lot was reset, but after 10 days of inactivity it gets added to the derelict list, and when more vacant lots are required for that server, the list starts to be reset, beginning with the longest derelict period. If your lot was reset it must have belonged to this group i'm afraid.

    In regards to a rapture recreation, you are more then welcome to create such a construct on EMC servers, but they are all SMP sorry, even staff play legit. :)
  10. I mean, for a good possibility you guys will make SMP7, could I make it as such a "Town" as in the other servers.
  11. This is our plan for the next server, discussions haven't began yet regarding details, but there there is a high probability there will be no town at all, just wilderness and nether.
  12. What about SMP8? ^^
  13. Wow wonder how bad grief is gonna be...
  14. Angelwing if they will let somebody do the city (like if they even consider), they probably look at what he build so far, to messure his skill. Before you keep asking for this job, you maybe try to show that you are skillful enough. And do it on EMC with your own hands.
  15. Yes, I should try to fit a 300x300 MINIMUM City size to a 60x60 square and collect something of over 5000 pieces of glass.
  16. Well you could start out with a 60x60 creation sometimes its the small size what challenges u. Also 60x60 isnt small... But without a creation you are just some guy with talent x wants to do something and asks for special rights on a server with 17k of reg member ....
  17. logging into any server, including utopia, will protect your res from being reset. just because you dont see them on your server much, doesnt mean they arent logging in
  18. At least that's an answer, why thanks.
  19. Im not going to say I want mod or even supporter. I much rather build than get 1,000+ Rupees a day.
  20. You are asking for way more then a mod or a supporter, you ask to get creative status as the only one in 17k membern