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  1. I've been experimenting with anvils and trying to decide what their advantages and disadvantages are.
    The only time I've found it's really worth repairing an item is when I've got one in the Wild, like a nice armor piece. In this case, it's not worth enchanting a bunch of other pieces that I'll not use out there, and time comsuming to bring a piece out from Town or to take the extra pieces back from the Wild to Town.

    The cost is certainly expensive. I tried a non-enchanted pick that was half used and could have restored it to a new, enchantable state using 3 diamonds and 8 levels. An Eff4 pick that was nearly used up would have taken 4 diamonds and 21 levels.

    I wanted to repair a Unb3/Eff4 shovel last night, but the single diamond cost was 34 levels and the game displayed "Too expensive!" when I placed two diamonds. I'm guessing this meant that the level cost would have been more than 50 levels, and I doubt it would have even made the shovel new again. Since it's in Town and I'll eventually use them, I decided to just enchant more shovels.

    It would be nice to be able to just have a few tools and repair them over and over again, but I think the only place this is reasonable is when I am way out in the Wild with a nice tool and intend to stay there indefinitely.

    What experiences have you had? Am I overlooking anything?
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  2. Anybody?
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  3. I like anvils for swords and mixing enchants. Dont see a point for renaming
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  4. Yeah I agree. I also think that this applies to like Eff V picks.
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  5. Yea I tried to repair my 4x enchantment sword " Knockback II, Looting III, Fire aspect I, Smite III" it was on its last leg and I try to repair it with 6 diamonds and lvl 45 experience and still said too expensive. I was sad it was best sword I had was going name it " Slime Eater" cause I mainly used at my Slime farm but its gone now.
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  6. I use anvils for getting sharpness V and efficiency V. But I also repair OP swords, lootingswords and some "cool" picks. Oh and yea I repair Protection4 armor aswell :D

    [Edit] Oh I forgot to mention that I use anvils to give my tools stupid names aswell :D
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  7. I think the best use for anvils is to get the best enchantments and keeping the handy. For example, I have several digger picks with unbreaking III, efficiency V. First I spend 60 levels to get a unbreaking III, efficiency IV pick and a efficiency IV pick, Then I spend 36 levels to convine the 2 into a unbreking III, efficiency V pick and at the same time renaime it to something like "Digger".

    Once that's done, It only costs 18 levels to repair it from 1 durability to completely new on the anvil, and it can last forever, so on the long run it's much more experience efficient.
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  8. I had forgotten that you could combine items. Thanks for your input everyone.
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