Anti grief traps against the rules?

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  1. Just wondering if building non-fatal traps to deter potential griefers in your wilderness lair is considered PvP.
  2. I would say not PVP if it is NON-Fatal. :) As you are not killing them. However, if it is meant to harm players, it is still considered PVP. If it is meant to harm mobs, you must post signs that it is a mob trap and not to venture too close.

    It is a touchy subject, but we are doing our best to address the griefer and PVP exploits that exist without banning the use of items in the Empire...
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. :)

    I figured it was one of those: "Yes, but no" kind of situations.
  4. Justin himself told me it would be ok to even make a fatal trap to protect hidden goods from grievers.

    He said as long as its not an intentional trap designed to lure people in to kill them (ie, it needs to be really far and hidden)

    My case I asked for is I run a colony way far out in the wild, where no one will ever randomly stumble upon, so I want to make a secure vault that if someone did find it by using hacks, they would be killed (that's the only way you would ever find my colony, is with hacks... I get lost going to and from town still!)

    Basically, if its meant to protect from grievers, and not intended to grief others, it should be ok.

    And imo thats how it should be. If theres a sign warning you the area is booby trapped, and you STILL try to go steal the goods, then that person should be considered a griever, and the act is self defence.

    However a sign that says "free diamonds here" that then kills you, is an obvious "lure" into a trap, and is grieving.
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