Anti-Grief Suggestion

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by will_iamd, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Griefing is one of the biggest problems with minecraft in my opinion, so this is just a suggestion of one way that we could try and reduce the chances of griefers griefing more than once...

    Impractical ideas that my suggestion develops upon:
    Area Protections
    Aren't realistic, as the whole point of the wild is that people have a normal minecraft world, without areas that they just can't mine in, if we allowed this, I can imagine having to walk 10,000 blocks to get to an unprotected area. Besides, if you want to protected area, we all have a 60x60 town residence. So this is not suitable for EMC.

    Logs of every block that is mined/placed
    Also not realistic. Apparently takes up too much server capacity to run (or words to that effect) and I can imagine the mods not being happy about having to trawl through millions of logs to find a single relevent entry. So this is not suitable for EMC.

    My Suggestion...
    A mix of the two above, basically. It could be possible to buy a 30 square block "watched area" around your wild home/base, where logs of every* block mined/placed would be kept. So if a lava source block was placed in the area, it would appear on a log, saying which player placed it and the place and time that they placed it.
    * If this would still be impractical, then we could limit the blocks that were recorded by the log, so only "griefy" things such as lava, fire and TNT were recorded by it, as well as some commonly used blocks such as cobblestone and planks. Then, the logs wouldn't be clogged up with people mining plain stone beneath the protected area etc.

    I don't claim to know if this is practical or not, but I thought it worth asking the forums what they thought :)
  2. Or: For every player-placed block (that is, blocks that don't spawn naturally) there is a 10% chance that its removal in the wild is logged.

    Server load for that should be quite manageable, and it'd provide some help in identifying griefers.
  3. I have an idea, how about a log that records the names of the players who have entered the area?
  4. Yeah, they're the kind of things that I was suggesting. I can see it being a practical way to deter griefing without stopping the wild being a mainly vanilla minecraft world.