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  1. (Door creaks open)

    Elder: (pants) How much further?!

    Master: Not long, just keep pressure on it.

    Jack Render (Narrating): The way of the Antermonian, a long, warring, and hurtful life. For 4 millennium, the Antermonians have kept to fighting among the 5 Clans, the Ice Giants; a large and powerful clan refusing to dabble in the way's of Antermonia. The Volt Runners; the fast and mercilessness clan who loans themselves out to assassinate higher power of smaller groups and crush rebels. The Neores; a clan who can bend the power of Antermonia to their will. Purebreds; the ancient clan who can do what every other clan can, just better, and last but not least us, the humans. We are the black sheep, the ugly duckling, our ancestors were shunned from the clans, and were hunted down and killed by anyone who thought they could make money off of our deaths. The year? 2013. We silently wait as our fallen president is replaced with another.

    President Hacker: My fellow Americans. I wish I was placed into office under better circumstances, sadly that is not the case. The shooter has been apprehended and our troops will once more march into Iran and fight, to protect us, our country, our people.
    (Crowd Cheers)
    Jack Render (Narrating): Our country, we think it is, but really it's not it belongs to the government those of which I serve because they are right we do need to protect ourselves, but not from other humans, something bigger.

    Location: The Anter System, Planet Antermonia: Council Chamber

    Councilman: We must not attack our lower race! They have done nothing to us, nothing!

    Ice Giant Representative: Beside become a black mark on our history? They are become more advanced and grow larger in numbers, they are planning to overthrow us!

    (Other Representatives cheer)

    Councilman: Silence! Silence I say! We will have a vote. Those in favor or leaving the Humans in peace?

    (The Purebreds, and Neore Raise their hands)

    Councilman: Those opposed?

    (Ice Giants and Volt Runners raise their hands)

    Ice Giant Representative: It's a tie then it must be decided by a Path of Courage between two clans of both sides. The Ice Giants represent the opposing parties in the trial.

    (The Purebred Representative stands)

    Purebred Representative: We represent the favoring parties.

    Councilman: Then it is decided! Challenging parties choose one fighter and prepare for a Path of Courage!

    To Be continued...

    If this gets decent feedback I might continue it I just got bored, so...
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