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Will this poll ever actually lead to conclusive data?

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  1. I want to know how to fly. Please tell me how to fly. Also, where did I put my towel?

    (If you answer this correctly [I am looking for a specific answer] then I will give you 3,000 rupees.)
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  2. It isn't possible.
  3. ...Wrong answer.
    ......Such a wrong answer.
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  4. u need to install planes or helicopter mod then go to singleplayer and you FLY! WHEEEEE!!!!!!!! :D :D
  5. Flap your arms back and forth 384 times a minute. Yes I calculated.
  6. You're not even TRYING!
  7. Also install singleplayer commands and type "fly" without quotes but planes mod is more fun cuz u can drop bombs and send missiles at creepers :p
  8. Um...give us a hint?
  9. You have to believe you can fly?
  10. I'm talking about real life.

    And if nobody answers it by the time the poll closes (that's in about 12 hours) then I'll have to keep my money. :(
  11. If I give you a hint you can answer it immediately.
  12. You get in a plane and FLY duh!
  13. Or a helicopter :p
  14. No, you are not flying if you have help.
  15. Hmmm...
    You catapult yourself or shoot yourself out of a cannon :0
  16. You're thinking too hard.
  17. Get a physical limitations profile that says you can neither jump nor land... ;) (I have one of those for my knees)
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  18. Closest I've seen so far.
  19. That's a question that has been trying to get answered by awesome geniouses and many people. The only way you could fly is trough imagination.

    Also, if you mean in-game ---> zombe's mod pack :)
  20. Get in a wind tunnel. Did I win?