Answer the following question for 25r

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  1. I have an 'e' at the start of me and an 'e' at the end of my name but I may only contain one letter in the middle of the e's. What am I?
  2. Hmm...

    An envelope.
  3. an eyebrow
  4. It is not an eyebrow because there is an e at the start and an e at the end. :)
  5. Correct Crazy!!! I think.................... This was homework............. And i could be wrong or right but what the hell!! :) Congrats!
  6. haha paying people on emc to do your homework huh
  7. Ok Crazy you have been paid.
  8. female sheep
  9. I wish I got to do riddles for homework in school. We had to learn stupid things, like math.
  10. Haha Jeremy you get about 5 likes for every post! :D Also I like that riddle it is cool. I start with the letter e and end in the letter and I might have a letter in me.. What am I? An Envelope! I might have a "letter" in me. Like an envelope has a letter in it. What a Classic. xD
  11. Hm, is this true? This post is a test to your theory. * Watches from above *

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  12. I assume that likes aren't the only thing you're watching for up there, ey Jeremy? ;)
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