Another Strange Mob Encounter...

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  1. So I was deep in waste looking for horses when i saw moments. I had very good stuff, so I was going to avoid him. When I turned the other way, there was another momentus! I was surprised that he hadn't drawn me in because I was so close. I was stuck. I just went sideways to try to avoid both of them until....of course... a marlix shows up. I had a bed with me, so I set my spawn so I could try to get my stuff. I was stuck again. Then, I just tried to shoot momentus so that I could at least try. When he drew me in, I died, and he made those deep holes that he makes whenever he kills you. I died 2 more times, until i just rushed in with a stone axe and no armor. He drew me in and i fell into the deep hole that he made. There was a little cave inside the hole that I went into. Then a message "This monster has trouble getting to you" showed up. I kept hitting him, and killed him with a stone axe and no amor! I got all my stuff, until ANOTHER marlix showed up... Fortunately, this one was farther away, so I could avoid it. All in all though, there were two momentus' and two marlix in one spot :eek: :D.
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  2. If you don't hit a Momentous they won't attack. I've literally walked straight through them fine. Not sure if the same applies to Marlix's.
  3. Thats very weird
  4. Hey try vs 7 marlixs in water. trust me its super hard especially when you dont have a bed
  5. It depends on your difficulty setting what the momentus will do. If this happens to you again I will have your back buddy. Just give me a heads up.
  6. I was on difficulty 5
  7. At 5 it won't suck you in.
  8. It has before though... hmmm.. maybe I wasn't on 5 before. For a while, I was on 7, but I don't remember seeing momentus on 7. I am positive it has sucked me in when i haven't done anything though :(
  9. It will suck in at 7.