Another public horse breeder??

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  1. Yep. Smp5 /v 11874

    Horses: 3 134s
    8 133s
    7 132s
    7 131s
    0 130s (130 speeds or under arent really worth breeding)
    1 129 (ik what i just said, but this is an exeption cuz its the fastest dark brown horse i have)

    2 126s
    1 124.99

    There is mule breeding station with a 131.99horse and 124.99 donkey

    EDIT: i have paired the horses "expertly" there are fast horses in white breeding with slow horses in non white. This is to get rare colors.

    It would help if you brought some horses of these requirements into the res

    131 speed minimum but only if the horses is a non white or creamy (exeptions were made for 2 131.00 white and creamy horses, its cool that they have an exact speed)

    132 speed minimum for white or creamy horses

    Have fun breeding, gold carrots are sold there for half market value but you will receive a res ban if you bulk buy them.
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  2. Bump that hopefully isnt too early