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  1. Hi is there anyway me and 33333355john can get another plot. All I mean is 1 plot for me and 33333355john we would like to build something epic. Plus we dont have anymore room on our plots and we dont want it to get greifed.All I ask is if you think about it.
  2. Hey masterg, I promise I will reply tomorrow. We are going to start some sort of program to allow people or groups to have an extra lot in Town. We need to figure out exactly what the policy would be before we start doing it. Any suggestions anyone?
  3. I think the simplest solution is to offer additional residences for a considerable price, something like 5000 rupees. This would encourage people to go out and personally obtain their resources rather than just buy them and it would ensure that only dedicated players and supporters had the means to do so.

    Perhaps subsequent residences could double in price or just increment linearly so that very rich players don't just buy out five plots at once.
  4. Supporter should get one free :p
  5. That would make the daily bonus pointless. It makes no sense offer a high priced product and then make it free for possibly the only players who can afford it.
  6. well like i use my money to give to other by buying suff :p
  7. Yeah,I like the idea of buying,If you would add the function that you can buy rupees and not just be a supporter :)

    But like 10.000 rupees = 1 plot and so on...
  8. I think it makes sense for additional plots to cost money because than it will be affordable for supporters and it will be possible for non-supporters to throw together or to work really hard for it. I think 10000 ruppees is a reasonable price.
  9. However the only issue I have is if supporters buy up all of the lots (that would kind of suck). As we continue to grow space is going to become more and more valuable. I really want to think far ahead so we don't get into a pickle later.

    Also one of the things I like about Town is everyone currently gets the same protected space.

  10. Im thinking a second town so people can get a plot thats shared with friends
  11. I just got a great idea Justin,This is how it works,If you want 1 extra land,you have to pay like 10.000 rupees,if you want one more,then its 20.000,One more?40.000 and so on,And you said that the supporters woruld buy up alla land,well,if you get 10.000 dollars each month,I belive that you can buy some new servers,I mean,If 100 people pay you 10 dollars a person,then 100x10= 1000 dollars each month ....
    Just an idea :)
  12. More servers wont help lol all the towns are ran on one server :p (the arenas server is it own server hosted on the same box)
  13. I do think more servers actually would help. Justin could clarify, but one of the reasons we have arena's on it's own server is it does indeed balance the "load" out some. I know that there are a few servers out there that actually had to make multiple servers because their "worlds" had to many people on them at once, haha.
  14. Yea but i dont think you can bridge more than one box
  15. Currently the Minecraft server software is single threaded and does not have any sort of horizontal growth capability (instead it is vertical, just keep giving one box more resources). However there are some initiatives to split it into multiple threads and using multiple servers. I am contributing on a little bit of this and have been trying some things myself. The thing is that with such a live game there are countless obstacles to overcome.

    This is the reason the arenas server runs on its own (it can use another thread and thus another processor core without impacting the other server). The issue is not necessarily how big the worlds are (how many chunks to store) but the issue is more of how many concurrent players it can support.
  16. i am now confused and feel out of place in this thread...thanks justin for the networking mumbo jumbo i never could comprehend someone will need to "dumb" down this networking stuff justin just said so i can understand it X_X
  17. Haha, it's not important to the actual topic. We got a little bit off there. Long story short of what Justin said is: "We're doing everything in our power to make our server/worlds run as fast as possible."
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  18. ahh kk thnx jer that is so much easier then the tech talk some may not understand

    what about a second player server when we reach an active listing of 100 active players and then just close off the server to ppl with plots in said server and any remaining plots can then be spoken for via rupees?
  19. I know this is off topic (maybe we should create a thread :p

    But cant you bridge the servers but splitting the load in half and putting X amount of worlds on box and the others on the other box but some how keeping them together?

    Lol it used to be nonsenses tell i owned a server of my own back in the day