Another player's shop detected...?

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  1. I'm sick of this message when creating a shop! How do I fix this, and what am I doing wrong?
    I write up my signs like this:
    B 50
    Gold Ore
    And then it gives me the message!
    Help is appreciated :)

    (For those who did not catch on, the message is Another player's shop detected )
  2. There is another sign near the area. It's either behind, or right next to it.... not sure if there's nothing there... if there isn't I can't help you.
  3. I havent had a shop in like 6 months, I get too lazy to stock up my own shop, So I tore it down. But if im correct. isnt it like this?

    B 50
    Gold ore

    Price first then ammount?

    If wrong, My mistake then >.<
  4. No, sorry but it's:
    Name of Item
  5. My mistake then. :oops:
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  6. You don't have to type your name. Just leave the first line blank.
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  7. There also needs to be a 1x block space in all directions around each sign. I had this problem when i tried to make a back to back shop sign.
  8. well first, it is because you can't have 2 sell sings on the SAME block, so if you have 2 chests on both sides of a block it wont work.. you have to make you isles or walls at least 2 blocks thick or you'll continue to get your message. also, like the people above me, you just leave the top space blank and it will auto fill your name.
  9. It's not that I'm setting up a back-to-back chest shop, I'm setting up a single one... If anyone has the time to help me, 12351 smp6 for the next hour.
    Thanks for your help, everybody!
  10. I've had the same problem. You CAN have two sell signs on the same block, but if there is another sign on the block that is NOT a sell sign, or is someone else's shop, you can't make a shop. Try taking down any other non-shop signs on that block, then make the shop.
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  11. Ah, so that's it! I had a sign on top of the block... oh...


    Thanks :)
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