Another one joins Ubuntu

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  1. Sooo i have fallen into the Ubuntu circle :) I like it i just wish i knew how to work more with the codes and things like that. I already installed MC, Spotify, Google Chromium and Vuze and i want more! :) Minecraft does seem to have less FPS on Ubuntu though :/ is there anyway to fix that?
  2. Not really. Most of Java's users are running Windows, so they spend most of their time and money making the Windows code run better. The more people use Ubuntu, the better supported it will be.
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  3. Do you use OptiFine?
  4. Yeah i mean it helps but not as much as windows but its fine though i just thought i'd ask.
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  5. I have more FPS on Minecraft on Ubuntu :p I got my windows back today, but it's Windows Vista. I need to get my Windows 7 back and I can install JAVA and MC again :p Yes, I did get it on ISO.
  6. Oh, how I miss Ubuntu... I'm pretty much forced to be in Windows on this computer, due to lack of support for certain things in Ubuntu. It makes me sad. :(
  7. I will probably eventually go back to windows but for now i shall enjoy ubuntu :)
  8. Could someone shed more light on Ubuntu for me? I might have heard of it but I only really remember stuff like Linux,Apple,and Windows.
  9. I thought linux was ubuntu..
  10. It's part of Linux.. How it was explained to me is Linux is a giant bowl of multiflavored ice cream. Ubuntu is one of those flavors. They're all kind of similar in a way, but each have their own little flavor.. Like kubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, and many more. They're all based off the same core operating system, but like previously stated, have their own flavor.

    ...This is how Aikar taught me, because I like food. <3
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  11. You just made me want an ice cream lol, man i wish the malt shop was open right now :/
  12. I am actually eating ice cream right now. I meant to make some rootbeer floats, then realized we didn't have any rootbeer after I put the ice cream in the cups.. So I poured orange juice on the vanilla ice cream.. It tastes like orange creme pops. ;)

    On topic: Ubuntu is the best thing for me, if they made Fraps for Ubuntu, I would never have a need to use windows again.. That's really the only thing I use Windows for now, haha. :p
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  13. do this in terminal

    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell
    then logout, and then beside your username in top right corner there is a little ubuntu icon. Click that and change it to "Gnome"

    This drastically changes the appearence of your OS as its a totally different interface, but heh I like it more...

    Gnome-Shell does not use Compiz, which is one of the biggest reasons your FPS is dropping.

    my MC actually runs better on Ubuntu than Windows...

    Also be sure you've installed your proprietary video card drivers for optimal performance, and run oracle java 7 by checking this:

    If you don't like Gnome Shell, you can use Gnome Classic which is old Ubuntu 10.10~ style. It doesn't use Compiz either so no lag, but a bit different (more lightweight) UI.
  14. I use unbuntu not very offen due to lag issues with minecraft
  15. Ok i tried the jdk 7 thing but i won't install do i have to uninstall 6? And if so how do i do that? These things interest me alot lol i wanna learn more. I keep commenting with my other account but you should know who i am lol
  16. It's the other way around. Ubuntu is a Linux OS.

    If we're going to use a food analogy, I think this one works better: Linux is a slice of bread (they are all the same underneath) and each type of Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, etc.) is a type of topping you put on the bread slice.