Another Olympics?

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  1. In the summer of 2014, there was an EMC Olympics. It consisted of games such as swimming, archery, etc... It was one of the fun events in EMC. I would love to see it happen again with prizes, more games, and more.
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  2. Why help and support?
    Fyi I host an Olympics at 2am EMC time every 9th
  3. Oops I accidently put this in help and support instead of the suggestion box. I was talking about a official EMC olympics btw.
  4. I've made it known that the Empire Games are returning. They don't always hold the Olympics every year.

    It's something that took roughly 4 months straight of weekends and we are working to decide the best schedule for it. It SHOULD be hosted on the Games server at that time (since that's where it all is now).

    If games server runs into a delay, I will likely host it the same way I did last year, on smp8.
  5. I think he means an official one run by staff that isn't at 2AM :p
  6. I get your point but I don't think it's fair to compare the time scale of a worldwide event that has been running for over a century to the time scale of a game (being Minecraft) that will die in the foreseeable future.
  7. My point was that it takes a LOT of work to put it together. I don't know if you realize, but we had Saturday and Sunday, more than 8 hours each for 4 straight months PLUS set-up time during the week that it took to create that event. With something that takes obscene amount of time like that, we can't promise to run one every year, especially with the migration to the Games Server.

    No, we won't space it out to 4 years like the real olympics, because that would be overkill. However, just like the real olympics, it does take time to set up everything. Every other year is likely the best schedule for that event because of the complexity and scheduling required.
  8. I understand that it's hard to do a event like this but I would like to see an event that's less overkill. I wouldn't mind a minigame event.
  9. This is the grand purpose of the Games Server. With all the work that Simon and the Build Team have put into it, it's going to be easier to run micro-events like that.
  10. 2pm* 2am would have a 0 turnout :p