Another normal intro...Stop reading...Please...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

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  1. Hello there! May the title called ur attention, maybe not, doesn't matter just another intro to read in, I Am DarkJWolf (Usually called by name, Angel) and i am new in minecraft pc, have experience in minecraft xbox ( and so in minecraft no premium...kill me please) but thats it just a mexican 16 years old dude that joins this community, i just wait to last long and not rage quit in some lava-falling-stupid-fail or a Creeper-Lava-Falling-Skeleton-Diamons in inventory-Ultra- Fail.

    Thats all see ya! and thanks for reading!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  3. Lots of thanks ninjaboy!
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  4. Welcome to Empire! :)
  5. Welcome! We're glad to have you
  6. Thanks both!
  7. Enjoy the empire!
    while its still here you should /promo easter and get a magically eggcelent wand, perfect for selling and eggifying!
  8. Good should i check it! :D