another ask me!

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  1. yea why not im bored and its 3 am so ask me anything
  2. Sir...what is your favorite color.
  3. Is your website background blue?
  4. What's your favorite anime's
    Mine Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, FMA, Code Geass just a few :)
  5. What's your favourite car? What's your favourite food? Fav TV show?
  6. i didnt know i could change my background till a few days ago, and it has always been orange, ive been trying to get used to the blue background

    my all time favorite is a tie between inuyasha and code geass both amazing
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  7. Oh yes, I've been doing the same thing. Very different. :) But cool. I enjoy it
  8. no favorite car, Chinese food, and i like pawn stars, storage wars, survivor,and avatar